Black Currant Oil

If you are suffering from excessive break out of ache, then black current seed oil might just be the solution to your problem.  This natural oil, derived from the seed and berries of black current plants most often comes in the form of pill and gel.  Easy to digest, and full of anti-oxidants and other properties, this plant oil is a great remedy for almost all kind of acne break out, especially adult acne.

According to some studies black current seed oil contains a high level of antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals. To add to that black current seed oil is an excellent source of essential fatty acids. Adding this natural plant oil to your daily diet can be the answer to many persistent problems. This oil take you a few step forward toward healthier living by keeping your body free of irritants and fats that are not very healthy for you to consume. This way you can at least reduce the amount of toxins that your body have. In turn it’ll limit the number of acne breakouts that you might experience.

Black Currant OilIf you do not have any chronic disorder and are not taking any regular medication, it can be safe to take this oil a one to two tablets or soft gels daily. Preferably, you should take the tablets or gels around the same time when you eat. Though you can buy this oil over the counter, it is advisable to talk to your doctor once before you start taking these supplements. He/she will be able to guide you in the doses and the time to take the tablets for better benefits

If you are tired of persistent acne problem and have already tried several products with no visible effect, then give black current seed oil a try. It may not show an effect overnight, but with regular use it can prove to be effective not only for your skin but also for other health benefits.

While black current plant oil is mostly famous for skin benefits, it offers a bunch of other health benefits as well. A rich source of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), this plant oil is used to treat a lot of diseases and ailments. Black current oil is often used to treat high level of cholesterol. Also effective in reducing blood fats called triglycerides, it is known for increasing good HDL cholesterol. Oral consumption of black current seed oil has positive effect in reducing stress related high blood pressure in adults. However, it seems to have minimum to no effect on choric high blood pressure. Available in form of supplements this oil is used to treat extreme muscle fatigue, often caused due to repetitive task. Patients suffering from peripheral arterial disease (PAD) shows significant level of improvement in the swelling marker after taking black current seed oil. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is another disease where black current seed oil is extremely useful. While taken by mouth, this oil reduces the joint tenderness in patients to a great extent. While taken on regular basis, this plant oil has the potential to increase your immunity significantly.

Women particularly can reap a huge benefit from this oil. An excellent remedy for pre- menstrual symptoms, it helps lift the symptoms to a great extent. In some women it seems to have good results for menstrual pain as well. Black current seed oil seems to be extremely helpful for Menopause symptoms. It is also quite useful for reducing breast tenderness and breast pain during this period.

Apart from these, there is a whole range of diseases such as Gout, Arthritis Alzheimer’s disease, Liver problems, Bladder stones, Fluid retention etc which can be benefited using black current seed oil.

Widely available in various drug stores and natural supplement section of your local supermarket, this oil is quite safe to take without prescription. However pregnant ladies and breastfeeding mothers should avoid it, as it may have some adverse effect on the baby.

So, now that you know all the benefits of this natural wonder, raid the drug store near you and reap the maximum benefit of this hundred percent natural plant oil. With no known side effect it is the perfect remedy that you can use to get rid of maximum of your health and skin problem.